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Welcome to the official website for SK! Thank you for your continued support as I would not be where I am without God and the people who have interest in my music! ~ SK

It's ALMOST time!!! We are about two weeks away from one of the biggest concerst in the city of Indianapolis involving natives of the area! Please be sure to visit the EVENT page and get your tickets today! Want to get a physical ticket instead? Call or tect 317-721-3631


Everything is set and now it is time to get ready for the show! As you can see this is going to be HUGE with the performers selected for this concert! Stay tuned as there is more to come on this event you will NOT want to miss! Please CLICK HERE for tickets and more information.

Let The Countdown Begin!

Have you noticed the Countdown Clock on the top of the page? What is it? What is it for?


If that is what you are thinking then just be sure to tune in frequently! As we get closer to the date more information will be released. You might want to check in daily as the countdown will be updated with important news, facts, photos and videos related to the #CountdownTo75!


3/31/15 Day 75 -

4/01/15 Day 74 - Today we are 74 days away from a major event in Indianapolis. This is sure to be the first of it's kind.

4/02/15 Day 73 - This event will introduce my new album LXXV.

4/03/15 Day 72 - This event has been in the works for nearly 3 years.

4/04/15 Day 71 -

4/05/15 Day 70 -

4/06/15 Day 69 -

4/07/15 Day 68 - In the process of this project, I had to learn that not only will I hear "No" but I have to be ready to say it just as much.

New Music!

February Upgrade

SK was born in February so this month, anyone who donates to the campaign will receive a one level upgrade for ALL packages! SK also decided to show his appreciation to his fans by also releasing a new song on his birthday. Please check out the new video on the top of the page and visit to contribute to the campaign!

Merry Christmas to everyone! Hopefully you all know the true reason for the season but in the spirit of giving, I would like to allow you all to stream the #featuringSK project as my gift to you! While I'm giving, I want to also give you all access to stream End Of The Beginning as well. I hope you all enjoy this music just as much as I enjoyed writing and recording it for you! Just click on the titles below to listen! Happy Holidays!!!




End Of The Beginning

Shirts are in!

SK now has shirts available! Anyone who contributes $25 or more (Level IV package) will receive a shirt! This shirt is available in black or white! Click below to purchase!

CD Funding

SK is seeking the help of his supporters. The campaign is to offset the cost associated with the creation of the album. Click below to review the details of the campaign!

Browse through the website to find out more about SK!


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